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Who we are / avec Gab & Lexy (clip)

Project: Talent Factory "Music Connection"

When: 16th -- 24th June 2013

Where: London

"MUSIC CONNECTION" is a youth exchange programme between the United Kingdom, (through NICOLA), Italy (through JAM), Turkey (through Youth A.R.T.), France (through FRENCH TOUCH) and the Netherlands (through UNtold), on a music project with a theme of cultural influences in music, producing original songs and shooting music videos with a theme of how music brings people together.

Video Director/Editor: Cristiano Guerreiro (U;K)

Music Producer: Squizzle (U.K) Kaiou (France)

Singers: Lexy (France); Gulsah Keskin (Turkey); Suzie Michael (U;K); Andrea d'alessio (Italy);

Rapper: Brown Knite (UK); GEABE (FR)
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